Magrent 0.4.2 released



Magrent 0.4.2 downloads the torrent files using Firefox’s download manager and with the torrent’s name as filename(if exists in the magnet).

If you have a torrent hash instead of magnet URI, you can now convert it to torrent file with Magrent.

Simple parser for C language


For a long time I’v wanted to push my Parser project which was a university project for Principles of Compiler Design course to GitHub. Now I’v found the time to do it and you can download it here.

New Project: Originz – an HTML, CSS and JS source viewer [Firefox Add-on]


Finally found some time to write about my new Firefox add-on! Originz is a source viewer, and with it, you can view HTML, CSS and JavaScript sources of a page. It can also beautify or unminify the source code. Originz uses Prism for highlighting the source code.

Restoring GRUB with Arch linux live CD


I had Arch linux on my computer and needed Windows for gaming; Windows installs its own boot loader, so I had to re-install grub. The following is what I did to restore grub.

I suppose that you know what you’re doing! For example you need to know in which partition linux is installed.

My move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux


About a month ago I decided to try a new linux distribution. I was using Ubuntu and was even waiting for Ubuntu 12.10. I chose Arch Linux for testing, and Installed it on my netbook. I really liked the installation process! Then I chose Xfce as Desktop Environment. After a few days I decided to move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux.

New Project: Convert magnet links and URIs to torrent files with Magrent [Firefox Add-on]


Magrent is a Firefox add-on that enables you to convert magnet links and URIs to torrent files.
It uses torrent caching sites like for downloading torrent files.

This add-on is useful when you have the magnet URI and want the torrent file or when your are using sites like The Pirate Bay which only provide the magnet links.

New Project: ImgViewerPlus, adding zoom, rotate and light switch capabilities to Firefox image view


My new project, ImgViewerPlus, is a Firefox add-on that adds zoom, rotate and light switch capabilities with smooth animations to Firefox image viewer.

ContextMenuPlus 1.3 released [Firefox Add-on]


Uploaded a new version of ContextMenuPlus.

Changes in this version:

  • New context menu item: Show Google PageRank; shows Google PageRank for the current page.
  • Added description for preferences.
  • Add-on SDK upgrade.

ContextMenuPlus 1.2 released, with 4 new context menu items and a new hotkey [Firefox Add-on]


ContextMenuPlus 1.2 released and you can update it or download it here.

If you are using version 1.0, you need to install version 1.1 first. [Read more here]

New features:

  • New context menu item: Paste & Submit, if used on a text input or textarea, pastes the clipboard content, then submits the form. [Forgot to mention the "Paste" part in the changelog]

What users should know about Jetpack add-ons [Firefox]


In this post I want to talk about Jetpack’s limitations and users’ expectations. Jetpack or Add-on SDK is a tool that makes it easy to make a Firefox add-on(a restartless add-on). If you know JavaScript, HTML and CSS, you can make an add-on. But you can’t do anything you want with Jetpack, not yet.