Magrent 1.0 released



Magrent 1.0 adds context menu items to torrent info hash(when hash is selected) and The Pirate Bay torrent pages and links.

Magrent 0.4.2 released



Magrent 0.4.2 downloads the torrent files using Firefox’s download manager and with the torrent’s name as filename(if exists in the magnet).

If you have a torrent hash instead of magnet URI, you can now convert it to torrent file with Magrent.

Simple parser for C language


For a long time I’v wanted to push my Parser project which was a university project for Principles of Compiler Design course to GitHub. Now I’v found the time to do it and you can download it here.

New Project: Originz – an HTML, CSS and JS source viewer [Firefox Add-on]


Finally found some time to write about my new Firefox add-on! Originz is a source viewer, and with it, you can view HTML, CSS and JavaScript sources of a page. It can also beautify or unminify the source code. Originz uses Prism for highlighting the source code.

Restoring GRUB with Arch linux live CD


I had Arch linux on my computer and needed Windows for gaming; Windows installs its own boot loader, so I had to re-install grub. The following is what I did to restore grub.

I suppose that you know what you’re doing! For example you need to know in which partition linux is installed.

My move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux


About a month ago I decided to try a new linux distribution. I was using Ubuntu and was even waiting for Ubuntu 12.10. I chose Arch Linux for testing, and Installed it on my netbook. I really liked the installation process! Then I chose Xfce as Desktop Environment. After a few days I decided to move from Ubuntu to Arch Linux.

New Project: Convert magnet links and URIs to torrent files with Magrent [Firefox Add-on]


Magrent is a Firefox add-on that enables you to convert magnet links and URIs to torrent files.
It uses torrent caching sites like for downloading torrent files.

This add-on is useful when you have the magnet URI and want the torrent file or when your are using sites like The Pirate Bay which only provide the magnet links.

New Project: ImgViewerPlus, adding zoom, rotate and light switch capabilities to Firefox image view


My new project, ImgViewerPlus, is a Firefox add-on that adds zoom, rotate and light switch capabilities with smooth animations to Firefox image viewer.

ContextMenuPlus 1.3 released [Firefox Add-on]


Uploaded a new version of ContextMenuPlus.

Changes in this version:

  • New context menu item: Show Google PageRank; shows Google PageRank for the current page.
  • Added description for preferences.
  • Add-on SDK upgrade.

ContextMenuPlus 1.2 released, with 4 new context menu items and a new hotkey [Firefox Add-on]


ContextMenuPlus 1.2 released and you can update it or download it here.

If you are using version 1.0, you need to install version 1.1 first. [Read more here]

New features:

  • New context menu item: Paste & Submit, if used on a text input or textarea, pastes the clipboard content, then submits the form. [Forgot to mention the "Paste" part in the changelog]